What's Been Said About...


"A great performance from a great player"

"Brian was the key component in my son achieving distinction in his Grade 8 piano exam"

"Brian Cotterill is clearly an extremely skilled and talented musician"

"Anyone who is taught by him will benefit from The Cotterill Magic"

"Brian is a highly skilled composer as well as a wonderful performer and teacher"

"A truly inspirational performer and teacher"

"A fitting demonstration of Bach's genius, a fine organ and Brian's excellent technique"

...Brian & Nicola

"Both husband and wife made this a concert to remember"

"Talent was definitely in the forefront of this duo's fine recital"

"Both soloist and accompanist displayed their technical wizardry, competence and musicianship"

"Another triumph for this talented husband and wife team"

"The glorious weather was magnificently enhanced by the remarkable soprano voice of Nicola Sharkey"

"A wonderful recital from two superb musicians"